Sent abroad for work, restoration delays in your new house, heritage matters or simple lack of space… so many reasons to call upon the services of a professional storage company.

DEM 2000 offers its infrastructures with protected storage capacities to you. The storage space is not a warehouse… Your household goods are not simply stored, but are kept in individual containers of 8 or 12 m3, equipped with ventilations essential for the safe preservation of your furniture.

DEM 2000 offers you a temporary solution for your furniture stockage if for example you have to delay the delivery of your household goods, and long-term if you you are unable to move all your personal goods to your new destination.

Built to standard dimensions, the 120 hermetic containers function just like furniture covers. Without any intermediate handling, your household goods have chosen their residence protected from dust and any possible accident. Lifted by fork lift truck onto our trucks, unloaded in the same way in the purpose built storage facility, your “DEM 2000 containers” are now able to wait for you in complete safety.

Professionals are looking after the positioning of the containers in a protected and adapted place.

Self-storage Facility...

If you wish, the storage facility can offer you the self-service storage formula. During opening hours, you bring your household goods and condition your personal effects yourself in the containers placed at your disposal. An economic solution appreciated by customers seeking flexibility. Access to your containers is exclusively reserved to you, as well as to people you explicetly authorize access to.
With our storage formula, you dispose of a site adapted to your needs :
  • Easy access
  • Simple procedure
  • Space for handling
  • On-site packaging material for sale
  • Loading of your funiture and belongings
  • Management of the delivery to your new destination
  • Personalised insurance contract
  • Client Parking and unloading zone

Among our on-site services, we sell packaging material such as carton boxes, adhesive, closets, mattress covers, etc.

The containers are then stored on our site, especially arranged for this purpose: precise identification of the stored batches, protection against climatic elements, acces control, supervision for theft and fire...

Concerning guarantees, the storage facility is committed to restore your goods in the state of reception. In the case of deterioration, its responsibility is covered up to 2440 Euros per container.(except if specific declaration of value)

The general conditions and the storage contract define and govern the reciprocal obligations of the customer and the company.

DEM 2000 is assuring quality, whatever the duration of your requirements in our storage facilities.
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