Organizing a removal requires a lot of preparation and specific know-how. You will gain considerably by calling upon a professional removal company.

You will find below the various stages helping you to organize your removal as well as possible.

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It is desirable that a professional removal adviser comes to your residence in order to evaluate locally the removal conditions.
During this visit, he identifies in particular the furniture presenting difficulties of disassembling, displacement or reassembly (legs of table, cupboard, piano, safe...) or requiring specific attention (tables, art objects...).

For you, it is important to specify to the adviser exactly what you expect, if you intend to pack or dismount yourself certain objects or elements of furniture, etc.

Locally, the adviser will be able to study the access possibilities at the departure site of the removal (windows, staircase, elevator, access to the building, parking possibilities...) and to get all indications necessary to guarantee the good course of operations (market day, circulation).

On the other hand, for your removal destination, you need to inform us about the same access possibilities at the delivery site and to advise the removal adviser.

You need to know that in the event of not announced difficulties (for example, a piece of furniture which "does not pass" the foreseen staircase, or an impossibility of parking in a pedestrian street), you would expose yourselves to support additional expenses of a furniture lifting device or additional labour force. Also think of announcing all the wall cupboards, as well as visiting the cellar, attic, garage, garden...

Lastly, to organize best the moving into your new home, please give all information you have relative to your future housing; a diagram of establishment of the most important pieces of furniture can be extremely useful.

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You have to take care to get the mechanisms of all electrical and electronic appliances blocked by a specialist. You also have to empty the freezer, de-ice the refrigerator, drain the washing machine and block its drum before any transport.

Except particular arrangements, the remover does not take care of tasks which are competence of other trade associations: in particular, he does not ensure the demounting of fitted carpets, basins, appliances and, in general, all that is fixed at the walls, ceilings and floors.

Green plants need suitable care; they can be transported by the company but at the risk of the customer.

When leaving your home, it is useful to check with the team foreman that nothing was forgotten.
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Delivery formalities

After moving all your furniture into your new home, at the time of the verification visit of the place, you have to check the state of your furniture with the foreman and give discharge to the company by signing the declaration of end of work.

If deteriorations or lacks are noted, it is in your interest to put forward your complaint by noting on the declaration of end of work your clear, precise and detailed comments.
In the absence of precise comments, you will have to bring proof that this dammage existed at  the delivery, which can be difficult a posteriori.

After you indicated your possible observations, the declaration of end of work is also countersigned by the foreman, which leaves you with a double of the document.

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Conditions of payment:

  • at the time of the acceptance of the quote, a deposit needs to be paid
  • the balance is generally to be paid at delivery, if no other modalities have been foreseen and accepted in the removal quote

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Within the limit of the values declared at the time of the establishment of the quote, the compensation is carried out according to the proven material loss: by way of 750 Euros per object. (except particular value declaration)

In the event of litigation with the moving firm, the latter must regulate it in the respect of the general conditions and the particular conditions appearing in the signed contract.

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Un déménagement ne s'improvise pas. Il doit se préparer avec sérieux en collaboration avec l'entreprise choisie. Une bonne communication et une parfaite concertation sont nécessaires pour déménager en toute sérénité.

A removal can not be improvised. It must be seriously prepared in collaboration with the company of your choice. A good communication and a perfect dialogue are necessary to move in all serenity.

The removal professionals are able to offer a service adapted to all particular requests: complete removal of the family, grouping for a small batch of furniture, arranging furniture storage...

For your quote request :
Your are offered two possibilities :

  • an online quote through our website
  • or directly contact our adviser

Do not hesitate to contact us for a free removal quote !

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Beginnings or ends of months, expiration dates for renting periods, as well as school holidays are very busy times in the removal business. It is thus judicious, as far as possible, to move outside these periods.

Once the date is defined, do not wait until the last moment to request a quote !

You should find :

  • the detailed description of services,
  • dates or periods of execution,
  • the volume of your furniture,
  • the distance in kilometres,
  • the price suggested and modalities of payment,
  • the possible need of a lifting device for a window passage,
  • conditions of access at departure and arrival sites (levels, lifting device, carry distance...)

Your removal forms part of the important events of your life and it is important to make a success out of it.

With DEM 2000, you can be confident because the respect of your goods is our first priority and zero defect our permanent objective.
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